George Sampson can help you if you have a need in the following area:

  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Interim Management
  • Commercialisation
  • Non-Executive Directorship

The Challenge

Entering the marketplace for Medical Products is a daunting but rewarding prospect. Making the most of the opportunities takes significant effort, expertise and time.

These are commodities that many companies are in short supply of, particularly in the phase of initial start up and expansion.

Therefore it makes sense to acquire the services of someone who:

  • Has experience of building companies with associated fundraising
  • Understands the Customers within the market.
  • Has long experience and success in marketing and selling to that market.
  • Can advise on the best channel to market in order to achieve strategic and market share objectives.
  • Is able to act at a strategic and detailed level.
  • Understands the Regulatory and Reimbursement implications and requirements.
  • Has French and German language skills.
  • Is available on whole or part time contract.
And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, has the ability to carry out the necessary actions for you.

The Skills

George Sampson and his Associates have many years experience in a broad range of Hospital and Community products and services.

Their expertise can add considerable resource to your commercial activities and needs in the following areas:-

  • Market Analysis and Planning.
  • Market Research.
  • Product Strategies and Tactics.
  • Center of Excellence management.
  • Product Trials.
  • Regulatory approval support.
  • Distributor selection and management.
  • Product launches.
  • Reimbursement strategy building
  • Competitor Review.
  • Commercial organization review and development.
  • Customer Service and Technical Service establishment.
  • Additional Resources

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